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Costco visits El Paso Children’s Hospital

Costco has been a partner with Children’s Miracle Network for 31 years and continues to find ways to grow their fundraising year-over-year.

Aside from making a donation over the counter during a purchase,  Costco Members and Businesses can  sponsor a Jumbo Balloon:

Jumbo Balloons

  • Sold for $500
  • Members and business names only on balloons
  • No slogans, logos, etc.
  • No restrictions on participating businesses

For more information on sponsoring, please feel free to contact COSTCO directly at 915.774.5203. Thank you in advance for all you do to support the kids in our community.

Costco Annual CMN Campaign runs the entire month of MAY. Today we had a visit from Coscto Employees who learned more about CMN and El Paso Children’s Hospital. Each one of them is excited for this years Campaign and will motivate all cashiers back at the warehouse.

Thank you Costco for your continuous support to our local Children’s Miracle Network, El Paso Children’s Hospital.

(Left to Right) Anne, Yesica, Sandra, Pedro (TOP CASHIER), Javier and Gabe